How To Bid

Here Is A Small Tutorial On How To Bid Your Product On


You need to login into your 800-i account!





Step 2:
Click on "MY LISTINGS", after you are logged into your account.





Step 3:
Now you will be shown all the listings which you have done after creating your account. Here you can add a bid to any of your ad(s), By simply clicking on "Add Auction"





Step 4:
Now you will see a single form asking you for you start price! Here add the amount you want your bid should start at! And Finally Click "ADD"






Step 5:
Now, When you are done with Selecting the Ad, Adding a Starting price for you product.
Its turn to review your ad.(Right now there are No bids for your auction.)






Step 6:
Now when there is a bid at your product, you will be notified by email/notifications. And after that when you open your ad, you will be shown the list of bids your product got, you will click on "Contact" and the contact details of the bidder will be provided to you.

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