Do I have to register to post an ad?


Yes. You need to register a FREE account to post and edit an ad on 800-i. Having an account on 800-i has many advantages:

  • View your favourite ads any time.
  • Post, edit and manage your ads easily.
  • Upload Bulk Orders.
  • Send and Receive Messages from others buyers/sellers.
  • Save you search.



How can I create a new account on 800-i?


Registration on 800-i is FREE and can be done in 3 simple steps:

  • Click on Register on the upper right hand side of the homepage.
  • Type in your Username, Email, Contact Name, Phone, Password and enter the security code. Click on “Register”.
  • You should receive an email which contains an activation link for your account.

*You can also register on 800-i by using your Facebook Account.


How do I post an ad?


Posting an ad on 800-i is easy, fast, and completely for free. Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Click “Post your ad” on the upper left of the 800-i home page.
  • Search for the proper main category of your ad and narrow it down by choosing a sub-category.
  • Choose the type of ad. Are you offering or searching?
  • Enter a title and description.
  • Choose specific characteristics for your ad (type of ad, price, etc.)
  • Add tags for your ad to be found easy and fast.
  • Add up to 20 images. Select your preview image in case you have 2 or more pictures.
  • Click the “Preview” button to check and edit, or proceed immediately to “Post your ad” .

*You will receive an email from 800-i to confirm your ad is active.


Are ads screened before they go on the site?


Unfortunately NO!, Because we can't manually have a loo on each and every ad manually, as uses post many ads per day. BUT, If you see any ad that looks to be Spam, Offensive, Miss-categorized or Illegal, please report it by clicking on “Report Ad” on the upper right hand side of the ad's page.


How can I include images in my ad?


On the “Post Your Ad” page, There is a section named Ad photos section under the Meta Description section. The uploaded pictures need to be in either JPEG, GIF, or PNG format and they can have a maximum size of 8 MB each.

NOTE: Each ad can have up to 20 pictures Only. Adding pictures to your ad will increase The success rate of selling your product.


Does 800-i offer any type of mediation between buyers and sellers?


800-i is a local classified platform to connect buyers and sellers. All transactions and the details of the transactions are completed between the two parties. Never does 800-i get involved in these details or the transaction itself. We do not offer any type of verification that who a person is. If you have any questions or concerns about a transaction, please contact the other party and do your best to resolve the situation between the two of you.

NOTE: If you feel you have been defrauded, contact your local police department.


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